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Immigration Bond Referral

Please fill out the below form to submit a criminal bail/ immigration bond Referral.

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If detainee will not have a cell or number to contact please provide us with the Name and contact information. Can enter emergency contact here as well.
If you are being represented by an attorney, Please provide us with their name and contact information. If you are not enter "N/A".
Please let us know if you have pending warrants.
With who would you stay with
Please provide name relationship and contact information To request assistance from Conversations with Friends, Safe Release program: contact Steve Kraemer 952-240-3501 or at
By clicking "SUBMIT" you hereby authorize the release of any bail evaluations performed about your case to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. Further, you order bail money posted by Minnesota Freedom Fund to secure your release to be returned, pursuant to Minn. Stat. ยง 629.53, to Minnesota Freedom Fund at: Minnesota Freedom Fund 2611 1st Avenue South Minneapolis, MN, 55408 Additionally, you understand that this does not guarantee that the Fund will post your bail. You also understand that if the fund does post bail the money posted by the fund will be returned Minnesota Freedom Fund and not to you.